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alexander_grann Staff asked 4 years ago
this is my website i have purchased the extension to integrate paypal with the booking system but paypal does not work. i have created a sandbox app on paypal and also used the client id in the plugin options but when nothing happens when i try to book an appointment.
i dont understand whats the problem. please help me fix this problem as soon as possible. 
you can use the link above to test the plugin as well on my website
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Looks like select for service is not making actual selection of service and for that reason price is not defined. But I will need closer look in order to suggest solution for your layout. Can you please tell me how made those changes :) Best regards, Nikola
alexander_grann Staff replied 4 years ago

can you please visit my wordpress website and check the problem..
if you want i can give you my wordpress login details as well. my booking system is not working correctly. i want user to paypal in order to book appointment.
but i dont even see paypal button and dont know why…