PayPal Integrated, but appointment not booked

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kim_appleton asked 6 years ago
Trying to debug a troubling issue where a client definitely paid through EasyAppointments by clicking on the Pay Now with PayPal button, but the appointment wasn't booked in the system. We discovered an issue where the 'required' fields were not actually required with the button, and hacked a solution to 'hide' the button when they aren't filled out, but that still leaves the possibility that a timeout could have caused a disconnect. Are there log files we can consult? Payment is required, and it seems to work in most cases, but not all. Please advise.  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Kim, that will be fixed asap. Looks like there is missing validation before PayPal payment. Best regards, Nikola
kim_appleton replied 6 years ago

Hi Nikola,
Thank you for your quick response. Although we are glad you are going to fix the validation issue, we have already implemented our own solution for that. However, the problem still stands that a user was able to pay for the appointment through PayPal, yet no appointment is showing up and no confirmation emails were sent, regardless of weather they filled in their personal information or not. Several appointments have been booked and paid for successfully before this issue came up. Thanks.