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Pascal Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi, i got 2 bug/questions.
  1. I got problems with PayPal payment process. I created SandBox and Prod tokens in PayPal account and completed them in EA Connect PayPal panel. The PayPal popup display but my account is not recognized while the identification process. At the same time i can open my account in an another browser window with my email et password on PayPal website without problem but my email is not recognized if i try the “password lost” process on the popup from my customer website. Can’t find where i miss something, do you have any suggestion where i may missunderstand the setup process?
  2. Is it possible to organize the informations completed in the form from the website in the Google Calendar event created after sync. It seems all informations are written in the title and in the description champ of the Google event created after sync and i would need to reorganize them in the others Google event champs (requirement from my customer).
   Thanks and have a good day.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, sorry for waiting. 1. If you are using SendBox then you need to create dummy accounts that can be used only within Sandbox. You can't mix accounts between prod and dev. 2. What do you need inside Description field? Do you want option to have it like title so you can create own template. Best regards, Nikola
Pascal Staff answered 4 years ago
1. Ok. Got it. I created it but didn't use the correct email id, my bad. I tested with the correct email id for sandbox mode then a real one for production mode and it worked fine, thanks. 2. I need for example first name and name in the title champ in Google Calendar and all the rest in the description field (for example phone number, notes, select/choice and others i created).
Is it possible to manage it from EA ? Thanks and have a good day.
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Pascal, atm if there is a custom form field with title description will be mapped to that value inside Google Calendar. If you want we can add option for that.

Best regards,

Pascal Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Nikola,

yes my customer would like to get only first name and name in the google calendar title field and the rest is in the description field, so if you can add option fort that it would be nice.
I think it would be a good functionnality to be able to manage affectation in EA Connect panel in back office.

Thanks and have a good day.