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mindfit Staff asked 7 years ago
I have just started using the Paypal addon and there does not seem to be too much documentation on it so wondering if my results are normal. Without using it customers go through the checkout process and go into pending until they pay.  We then confirm and the Calendar is updated.  This is a 3 email system.  It provides all the emails set up in the appointments app. With the Paypal settings it adds the product to the cart automatically and sends customers to pay, then the booking is automatically confirm.  Problem is we get no emails saying advising us of the new bookings, no added sale is added to woocommerce - they only way we know if someone has paid is to log into paypal and cant get this information from the woocmmerce plugin anymore. Is this normal? or does the Paypal REST API app need additional settings to make all this happen
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, you are not getting any email if you use WooCommerce and customer make an appointment ang finish checkout on WooCommerce? Best regards, Nikola
mindfit Staff replied 7 years ago

No emails at all. The payment shows on Paypal, but since the payment goes through a woocommerce product I would expect it to show as a purchase

mindfit Staff replied 7 years ago

The issue I think is that since we no longer do a pending notice (appointments are auto confirmed) that we do not get the pending, cancelled and confirmed emails to the admin. I have selected the send emails to the worker (same email as admin) and will see if this will let us know of confirmed bookings.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 years ago

Have you altered the template for the Confirmed Appointments?

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