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hsl9999 asked 6 years ago
I use a form plugin called Gravity Forms. When a user clicks the submit form three fields can be sent dynamically to populate three fields in the Easy Appointment Plug-in:
name, phone and email. The problem is that easy Appointment does not accept what Gravity Forms calls the Redirect Query String.
In this case the string looks something like this: name={Name:1.3}&eMail={email:1.6}&phone={phone:1.6}
The instructions in Gravity Forms is to have the receiving form “Allow field to be populated dynamically” I think that the problem is that Easy Appointments greys out the 3 fields, name, phone email) until the appointment date and time have been entered. So, I assume that the fields cannot accept entries. Is there any way to get those fields to accept the query string dynamically? The page I need help with:
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, you want to auto populate field from url? Best regards, Nikola
hsl9999 replied 6 years ago

Is that a question that you are asking me? I would like to populate it either using URL or the Page.

However it appears that when I try, it does not work since easy appointments does not seem to accept the entry into the fields because they are greyed out until the appointment is made. Perhaps if easy Appointments first had the information fields filled out prior to entering the info, then they could be used to autopopulate the fields.