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Joerg K. asked 5 years ago

Hello Nikola,
I have a lot of custom fields at my form. Unfortunately, the order is not stored, so when I have to make changes on my settings I always need to rearrange the fields to match what I want to have (in order) and then click save.
Next time I come to the settings page the order of the fields is again different.
Can you please check if there is an issue please?
Many thanks!


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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Joerg,

you must hit Save button after you rearrange order of custom fields in order to persist settings there.

Best regards,

Joerg K. replied 5 years ago

That is what I do 🙂
However, when I jump to another plugin and will return, the order is again changed…

Joerg K. replied 5 years ago

Oh, when I do not save the unordered settings again, at the front end the correct order is still showing up until I would save at the backend again (whilst showing the wrong order)!

Joerg K. replied 5 years ago

This said it looks like that only at the backend the order is not displayed correct. However, when I would save the settings and the wrong order is showing, the wrong order will then be at the frontend as well!