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jorg_marijnissen asked 2 years ago
I created a new google account in the hope that "No title" appointments would not occur. The new Google account works fine and the sync also works for new appointments and ends up in Google Calendar, but the existing appointments do not sync. What am I doing wrong?
jorg_marijnissen replied 2 years ago

Additionally: I mean the appointments that were made before I installed this paid plugin for synchronization with google calendar.
Please can I get an answer quickly, my customer is waiting for it. Thanks in advance!

1 Answers
jorg_marijnissen answered 2 years ago
WARNING if there are already existing appointments in your EasyAppointments and you change the Google Tokens, all appointments will be canceled and all people will receive a confirmation email! In my case, this solved my problem that appointments were not visible in Google Calendar after I installed the plugin. So I confirmed all the appointments again and now they are in the Google Calendar.