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Abraham asked 7 years ago
Hi,  I wanted to inform you that i'm having some very strange affects to my easy appointments plugin. First I was making changes in the settings screen and entered an entire list of countries in the form customization screen. After adding all the countries the system just erases everything I entered. I also received several popups notifying me that this plugin is having problems. It was so frustrating since some of my changes were either erased or shown in some bizarre way. Such as adding the country field. I would add one then today (a few days later...) 3 fields would show up??  I haven't even started making appointments and it's a very very buggy plugin. Will be using something more stable.   Please fix this entire plugin, thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing the feedback. Can you please provide me with more details regarding your environment (version of PHP, version of WordPress that was used etc). It's practically impossible to cover all cases and all combinations of different installed plugins and environments. If you have time I will suggest that you try it locally with fresh installed WordPress and then set things one by one. But that is time consuming. Best regards, Nikola