Not able to delete form fields with html tags inside

Support forumNot able to delete form fields with html tags inside
hannes_lorenz Staff asked 6 years ago
Hi, I was adding form fields with the br-html-tag inside them (because they are too long for the bootstrap version of the extension). This worked, but now I am not able to delete them anymore. I can click on that little down arrow, but nothing appears (and the delete link does not show up..) Maybe it would be best if the form texts would line wrap automatically, right now they are just hidden behind the input/select/textarea fields.
hannes_lorenz Staff replied 6 years ago

I couldn’t find a way to edit the post.
Wordpress version: 4.9.4
Plugin version: 2.0.1
PHP version: 5.6.33
Browsers tested: Firefox and Chromium

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Hannes, you are saying that you can't delete custom fields? Have you tried to turn on compatibility mode on in EA Settings > Customize page? Best regards, Nikola
hannes_lorenz Staff answered 6 years ago
Hey, yes, I can delete custom fields, but not if they have html tags inside. For example, I have the field \"I will bring someone with me\" and it is pretty long, so I thought of using <br /> to make it 2 lines, something like this: \"I will bring<br />someone with me\".But then, I could not delete it anymore. I solved it be removing it directly from my database. Maybe it would be nice, if the text would automatically line wrap if it is too long.
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

yes it is a bug. I will fix that asap.

Best regards,