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richard_geurtsen asked 4 years ago
Hi Nikola,
  • Google calendar authorized: DONE RIGHT
  • Advanced Calendars sync: NO 'Any' values
  • Cron job set up right: NO ERRORS
  • Edit wp-conifg.php file: DONE
  • No SYNC LOG data (empty) for log level Debug + Info + Error
  • No Google Calendar time slot options on users side (only added service time slots)
If possible then I would like to upgrade from starter to PRO if that will enable you to solve this issue. The only thing that might help, you wrote in änother topic:  "have you filled out advance sync option mappings inside EA Extension > Google settings. It is at the bottom of that page?" Could not find that, where to do this exactly? Thanks! Richard.
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richard_geurtsen answered 4 years ago
To all, After many hours of struggling maybe following will help others as well as it almost works the way I want:
  • First, check Nikola's video for GCal API
  • Then implement Nikola's guide:
  • If you are stuck and nothing seems to work again:
    • Within EA plugin and GCal extension: remove token and authorize again
    • Build up your hole appointment system by removing connected calendars + locations + services, etc.
    • Maybe coincidence, but in my case a TEST appointment at front end seemed to result in triggering the sync process.
  • Building your appoint system step by step up again, and download Plugin 'WP Crontrol'
    • And then you can change (if allowed by your host) cron to every 1 minute, or start it manually. To see immedate effect of your changes. You will need to use hook eac_google_sync that is the one used by EA.
  • Choose your time zone @WP settings by city (not by UTC -/+)
  • Within EA Extension
    • Set Default Location
    • Set Default Service
    • You can also set 'Delete from GCal will' to cancel or delete.
Some info about syncing:
  • In GCAL:
    • See above: 'Delete from GCAL will:' 
    • Added events in GCAL will be seen in EA, BUT:
      • not as an appointment option to choose from by end user
      • Only to block appointments to be chosen from by end user
  • In EA
    • Added events will be added to GCAL, if confirmed
    • Deleted events will not be deleted from GCAL. At least not in my test.
  • FYI: No difference between free and busy status in GCal
Nikola, pls. correct my if I am wrong! Hope this helps someone. At least this issue has been solved. Finally! Thanks.


richard_geurtsen answered 4 years ago
Hi Nikola,
  1. After an hour or so it started synchronizing according to the log file. Maybe was triggered by me making a test appointment from front end. I only do not see the appointments as an option to choose from. Changed appointments to: available (not busy). Could this help showing my Google Calendar events as options to choose from for user?
  2. How could EA know to which connection to sync following example (event) as there is no id?
[2020-09-25 7:20:30.320765] [info] New event imported from Google Calendar id: NULL
date: '2034-06-30'
start: '08:00:00'
end_date: '2034-06-30'
end: '09:45:00'
status: 'confirmed'
location: '1'
service: '2'
worker: '1'
price: '10.00'   3) You can also see the year 2034, but I just sync it for 15 days!   Hope you can help!   Best regards,   Richard.
richard_geurtsen answered 4 years ago
As an addition: only appointments in GCAL built up in the same way as appointments made by EA will be synchronised to EA (READ: will be used to block appointment options from EA Appointment Overview). Thus no title in GCAL Event to be used if your EA is not set to generate a title. Otherwise, use the same titles at both ends.
richard_geurtsen answered 4 years ago
And do not leave any info on 'any' while adding your GCAL. ;-)
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Richard, thanks for that overview post for solving the Sync issues that you had. :) Best regards, Nikola
Dark answered 4 years ago
This should be at least stickied!!!

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abydox88 answered 4 years ago
Hi Richard, Nikola, In my case, I have managed to configure the synchronization with GCAL perfectly, however, when I create a new appointment in the Google calendar, when it is synchronized it generates an appointment in EA without any data, or email, name, phone number or comments, this is normal? Is there a way to import these fields? Doing some research, I have seen that the cause may be due to permissions in the Google Calendar API, maybe I have to assign more permissions to see and edit events, but this implies that Google verify the API, can this be the case? Thank you very much.
Dark replied 4 years ago

In order to fill GCAL data into an EA appointment, you MUST have a “description” field in EA (you can just set it to be hidden if you don’t want to display it in booking form)… Only then, data will be filled with GCAL info.

PD: Field MUST be named description otherwise it wont work…

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

That is correct, name must be Description. We will add mappings in feature something like Phone field selector for Twilio. Where you can map values from Google Calendar event. There are new things in development.

Best regards,

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

There is option to import all data if that user is already inside EA database matched by email.

Best regards,

abydox88 replied 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your help! adding the hidden field “description” the appointment data is shown in EA.