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Kevin asked 6 years ago
Hi Nicola, All initial emails go out to Customer, Worker and Admin so everything seems to be set up fine. All templates are in place and test emails have been sent and received without problems. Cron service is also set up. Everything is smooth on the front end, and there are no errors logged either in the plugin or on my server logs. However, any status change in the back end doesn't inform anybody. The Customer doesn't get informed that a Pending appointment is changed to Confirmed, or that Confirmed appointment is Cancelled in the back end. Is there anything else I can try to resolve this problem before confidently upgrading to the extension? ------------------ Could you also clarify the use of the Reservation email. In the docs you state that Reservation is when a user clicks the time they want and it gets held for them. But as no email can be sent to the Customer until afterwards when they fill in their details, on the Customer end the Status could only ever be Pending, Confirmed, or Cancelled... Does this email only go the Admin to inform them that somebody blocked a time without finalizing appointment details? (as Abandoned has now been removed) ----------------- Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, regarding change in Admin part you will have to mark checkbox at bottom called "Send email notification"? Or you think when someone remove appointment from Google Calendar (in case of Extension plugin)? Reservation is made when user select time slot if you have that option turned on. BEst regards, Nikola