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DOMINIC_MESTAS Staff asked 7 years ago
The Easy Appoinments | Tools | Test Email does nothing. Popup box says email sent. But no email received. And no errors in the Error Log panel. I am also experiencing this problem on my side has the update created come type of issues? 
2 Answers
jon_hoscheit Staff answered 7 years ago
I have the same issue on multiple templates. Email testers work... no emails here work? Oh I should add the text option I paid for is the only thing working and saving my bacon. 
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi,   EasyAppointments rely on build in WordPress mail function. Most likely it's now working within the site. Easiest way to test it is to try reseting the password on login screen. If you don't get any email in that case it is not working due to hosting settings. You can try to use SMTP plugin and enter your SMTP settings there for mail. Also there are plenty of mail provider like Mail Chimp, Mail Gun etc. All of those have WordPress integration.   Best regards, Nikola