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Nikola Loncar Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi :) there is a new version of Extension plugin 0.12.1 with new option for Google Sync. For import Events that are created on Google Calendar you can now fill out custom fields based on previous EA events. That will be done if email matches attendee email in that Google Event. Best regards, Nikola
lluc_palleja Staff replied 4 years ago

I tried to auto update the easy appointment connect plugin I get this following error:

chmod(): Operation not permitted in /var/www/ on line 173, referer:

Both files have www-data:www-data and permissions seem to be correct 755.

For the moment I could manuallt update if I were able to dowload the new extension update 0.12.1 but where can I get it? I bought a license this last June.

I would appreciate a solution for this or at least a way to access to the latest update.


lluc_palleja Staff replied 4 years ago

It’s been 5 days since and I haven’t got any answer.. I would appreciate some support on this and way to download the easy appointment plugin (Like I said I’m a paying customer since June)


Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi, you will receive link to download link right away.

Best regards,