New version – EasyAppointments 2.14.1

Support forumNew version – EasyAppointments 2.14.1
Nikola Loncar Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi, there is new version of EasyAppointments 2.14.1 with small improvements such as translatable title for email links action page. Also translation files has been updated :) Best regards, Nikola
Renato C. Staff replied 4 years ago

Why doesn’t Easy Appointments Connect sync with Loco Traslate? I translated completely in Italian but I can’t synchronize it.

oldnerd Staff replied 4 years ago

Having the same problem. I added some items in the Dutch translation that were not translated yet, but I keep getting the English messages.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Extension plugin don’t have translation file there. Needs to be added to plugins folder.

Best regards,