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Nikola Loncar Staff asked 3 years ago


there is a new version 2.11.1 with minor change to Phone custom field inside customers form. Now leading zeros are removed when country code and phone number are combined. 🙂

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yannick_boschel replied 3 years ago

Thanks Nikola ! 🙂

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dimbays answered 3 years ago

How to delete this phone field now??? I click on the flag to open but it does not open … and

yannick_boschel replied 3 years ago

It works fine on my site. Did you update with the new version ?

dimbays replied 3 years ago

Yes, I just updated the plugin to the latest version 2.11.1. I decided to look at the Phone field, added it for the test, called “123” and now I just can’t delete it … I click on the arrow to open the settings and delete, but it just doesn’t open and that’s it. What could be? I disabled the cache plugin, made the backup of the plugin back, but still it doesn’t work …

dimbays replied 3 years ago

I solved the issue by deleting fields in the database. Now all the rules. But it’s not clear why it happened …