New user/ few setup issues and questions

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Josh Parker asked 6 years ago
This is a great plug in and very well priced for all it does. I'll list out the questions/issues I'm having. Sure it's something I'm doing wrong, but I am stumped; 
  1. I have the google calendar API setup and authorized. I have added two additional workers' to the advanced calendar sync, their e-mail is correct in their worker profile. Availability isn't syncing, nor is a booked appointment adding to their calendar. This is the make or break for this paid product for me.
  2.  On the "flow" of booking. I am using WooCommerce to accept payment. It's sending an e-mail to the client with the pending, the worker gets the pending e-mail with links to confirm/cancel, before the worker can do either, it confirms automatically. I would like to be able to confirm/cancel to work before sending confirmation e-mail, and if cancelled, to do automated refund.
  3. Time slots. I know this is nit picking now, the time slots have very little padding from one block to the other, i'm not as smart on css, can you help?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Josh, 1. This is already answered via email but for others. You can share Google Calendars across Google Accounts. 2. Regarding flow it's working now like this. First is created pending appointment when user finish with EA form. Then you can redirect it to checkout, once checkout is completed that appointment is set to be confirmed. Both time user receive email (pending and confirmed template). Regarding refund that must be done by hand. 3. Sure thing. Can you please provide me with link to page with EA form? Best regards, Nikola