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joedunn Staff asked 5 years ago

I like your plugin, we use it for a non-profit that loans medical equipment for people in need.

Here are a couple of feature requests that would make it easier to use the plugin.
  1.  Add the ability to remove a single date from being available.  For example, we are open every Thursday.  I set up the schedule that way.  However, if we need to be closed on one Thursday there is no way to say - be open every Thursday except for the following Thursday's.
  2. When we receive the email to confirm or cancel an appointment it would be great if we could add a comment to the response.  For example, the date they requested an appointment is not available - We could ask them to schedule another date instead of just hitting cancel appointment with no explanation.
  3. It would be great to be able to customize the response message when you do confirm an appointment.  For example, when you confirm an appointment it would be nice if I could send the address, telephone number and google map in addition to any other information they might need to know or bring to the appointment.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for suggestions. Regarding 1. one, that will be added soon. We will add Vacation page inside Settings page where you can turn off some days without need for editing connections. 2. You want to add something when sending email from admin panel? For example you are editing appointment and want to cancel it? 3. You can have custom Confirm message right now. Just need to alter that template in EA Settings > Customize page. Best regards, Nikola