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Francis Oliveira asked 3 months ago

Hi. I was wondering if some day we would be able to search for schedule first, not the staff.
For exemple today the plugin work like this:
First, we select a staff member; Then Service; At last, schedule (day and hour).
Maybe a new feature which include the option to schedule first? Like: “I need schedule to friday 6 p.m.” and then we show our staff members available.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 months ago


you want to choose which one will be option for selection first as option in settings? 🙂

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Francisdallorto replied 3 months ago

Hum… not exactly.

My suggestion is more about a trying to open new possibilities paths for the user.

Let’s suppose the user want to schedule an online class, and my website is build up for a link a professor with a studant.

Today the user have only one option: He first choose the discipline he want to study. Then Easy Appointments shows him who are the professors can teach that discipline in particular. At last, the user choose a day and hour he want to study (in fact, this is exactly my case and you can see on botton of this page:

I’m suggesting that the user could choose first the day/hour he want to study first. Or even a professor he liked most, for exemple.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 3 months ago

Hi Francis, it will be hard to allow selecting day when someone wants to book as a first step. It will have to calculate days that are available first then allow selection of for days that have classes. I will write down this request in a back log.

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