Need help in fullcalendar shortcode

Support forumNeed help in fullcalendar shortcode
subrico Staff asked 4 years ago
Hello, the fullcalendar shortcode is very powerfull but not so easy to work fine. I've just displayed the name of the person who booked an event. Good. But when we clic on an event, I would like display all persons who have booked the same event (for me it setting at 10 persons maxi). I think it's possible with a loop with something like this : {for and start==event.start} {=name} {/for}   But of course it doesn't work like this. What is the correct syntax ?   Best regard
subrico Staff replied 4 years ago

Ok I think it’s not possible : the array for the text-template is the event. A loop seems can’t search data in the other event, so for each event at the same date for exemple, we can’t see all name’s customers for this day.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, as you mention it is for one event only. But that sounds like interesting solution to have. Overview of events per day as template :) Best regards, Nikola