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AntonyOLee Staff asked 5 years ago
Is it possible to use EA in the following scenario? I have 3 meeting rooms, and workers can attend in any of these rooms, depending on their availability (and on if the room is occupied). I tried to put the 3 rooms as "Locations", but it doesn't work that way. I want to, when a schedule is booked, the room at that time be locked to any other service / worker. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks!
AntonyOLee Staff replied 5 years ago

Let’s say I have a service A that can be provided by workers 1, 2 and 3. And a service B that can be provided by workers 4, 5 and 6.
Users will look for service A or B, provided by any worker, in any of the three rooms (whichever is currently free).
I can not schedule more than three appointments on Monday 10am, as much as all workers have this time available.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, I think I understand that. You have limited rooms where service can be provided. So 6 workers but max 3 service at the time. Only solution for you atm would be to switch Location and Service. So instead of 3 Location you would place 6 Workers there change the label same thing for Service place 3 Locations. Best regards, Nikola
AntonyOLee Staff answered 5 years ago
Thanks for the answer! But unfortunately it didn't work.
I tried as follows:
- 3 services as "Locations"
- 2 rooms as "Services"
- 3 workers as "Staff" (each worker only provides one type of service)
So I have 6 connections: Service 1 provided by worker 1 in rooms 1 or 2; Service 2 provided by worker 2 in rooms 1 or 2; and Service 3 provided by worker 3 in rooms 1 or 2 (If you want to take a look:
Although I cannot schedule the same service in rooms 1 and 2 at the same time, I can still schedule all three services at the same time and in the same room (eg services 1, 2, and 3 in room 1 at 10 am). Like this: Multiple services at the same room
What I need is that someone working in room 1 at 10 am can't be in room 2 at this time, NOR anyone can't schedule room 1 at the same time.
I tried several combinations (only one staff member providing all the services, swap rooms and staff etc), but nothing worked. :(
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Have you try turning off option called Multiple work inside EA Settings > Customize tab? Best regards, Nikola
AntonyOLee Staff answered 5 years ago
Yes, I tried different combinations with the "Multiple Service" option on and off. Especially with it turned off, because I want the system to verify that the worker (or room) is busy at any location (or worker) and service at the current time. But it did not work. I'll try harder, but I think I've tried every possible combination.
For better understanding, we are a small town hall and we have these three rooms where citizens can be served for various public services. I am modeling this into something smaller: three services that can be scheduled in two different rooms. But one service cannot be in two rooms at once, nor can one room be occupied by two services at the same time.
AntonyOLee Staff answered 5 years ago
I tried two more approaches:
1st approach:
- 1 location
- 3 services
- 2 rooms (as "staff")
With six connections: service A in rooms 1 and 2; service B in rooms 1 and 2; and service C in rooms 1 and 2.
Schedule service A in room 1 at 10:00. In this case, services B and C cannot be scheduled in room 1 (ok). But service A can still be scheduled in room 2 (not ok). 2nd approach:
- 1 location
- 2 rooms (as "services")
- 3 services (as "staff")
In this case, service A cannot be scheduled in room 2 (ok). But services B and C can be booked in room 1. :(