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Jesper Olesen asked 5 years ago
I have a setup where we have 1 "treatment room" (and I have defined this as location) --> now I have different workers - each offering one service (treatment) - and they all use the 1 "treatment room" --> so basically the "treatment room" (location) is a basic "limitation" in the booking calendar --> if the location is already taken at a specific time sloth for a certain worker/service then it should not be possible to book this with an other worker/service.... --> then Easy Appointsments be setup to cater for this???? … as it is now I can not get this to work… Looking forward to a quick feedback - all the best. Regards / Jesper
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mark3267 answered 5 years ago
I have a similar requirement, as below 1 Treatment Room 2 Workers 8 Services, 4 of which require use of the room, 4 do not   The scheduling required is as follows... If the service requires the room ensure that the selected worker and room are available If the service does not require a room ensure that the worker is available   Can this be achieved in Easy Appointments, and if so, how.   Many thanks
AntonyOLee answered 4 years ago
I have a similar problem. Did you find a solution?