Multiple options field can change the price of woocommerce ?

Support forumMultiple options field can change the price of woocommerce ?
sylvain asked 7 years ago
Hi, One of my client needs the addon for woocommerce, like your demo, my client is a carwasher and ask me to have multiples options fields who can change the price, like dirt +5€ ; very dirt +10€ ; or exterior +50€ ; interior & exterior +100€ ; ... ; and pay with woocommerce because he absolute want to use his bank module (more reassuring for customers in france than paypal ...) Do you think your addon could work this way or something else ? Regards Sylvain
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, in current extension there is a way to integrate Appointments with WooCommerce cart but there is no special price option for that like dirt +5€ etc. Current extension will not fit your needs in that way. Best regards, Nikola