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Florian MARTIN asked 7 years ago
Hello, I have a question: i have a big team (i mean BIG) for a given region (Paris Region). I don't want a "scroll" list of 50 or so technicians the customer can pick from as obviously i will have more or less always someone around to accept the meeting.   would it be possible to make a "generaic GUY ONE", and that up to 20 appointments in each "time interval" can be scheduled ?    for now i can just put 1 meeting / time interval (logic) but is there a workaround ?   thanks alot to advise :)
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, yes you can have selected generic one for appointment so customer can't choose. In order to have 20 time slots you will have to clone same connection 20 times. There is also a bulk insert that allow you create multiple combinations at once. :) Best regards, Nikola