Multiple bookings for same slot for Easy Appointment, but not if google booking present.

Support forumMultiple bookings for same slot for Easy Appointment, but not if google booking present.
Chris Buck asked 5 years ago
Great system, I am slowly migrating away from Joomla because of so many more great plugins.   I have question regarding multiple bookings. My current situation running   1 location, 1 service, 1 worker, I use this for appointments to drop equipment to our workshop so have no issue limit for number of bookings per slot, as long as it is from a free period not booked out on any google calendar. Primary calendar used for EA bookings on calendar. (top of list) I have 6 other google calendars to check for availability.   I want to allow unlimited / if a restriction needed (5) bookings from EA but only on a spare slot not occupied by a google booking.  I tried to add more connections but this then just clears google allocations.  Is there a way to achieve this?   Many thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Chris, this is little bit hard to get from EA. Google Calendar and EA are mapping between each other. So one EA booking will be one Google Calendar event. There is no way of allowing unlimited slots until Google Calendar event is not present. :( Best regards, Nikola
chris_buck Staff replied 5 years ago

Does EA look up ‘an event’ on google calendar or a ‘busy event’? I wonder if it is the later it would be possible to write the google appointment as ‘free’ and therefore appear transparent thus allowing unlimited bookings?

chris_buck Staff replied 5 years ago

…but at the same time prevent google booked calendar entries.

chris_buck Staff answered 5 years ago
Another solution to this would be to write the appointments to a calendar which is separate from the ones being checked, thereby allowing multiple bookings from the appointment system but with restriction of the rules for checking the other google calendars. For example the primary calendar becomes excluded from the checking, however still writes the appointments.