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Bernie asked 4 years ago
Currently using Version 2.5.5. We have several examples of clients who have submitted a booking request via our website, we have received the email showing they completed the request, but it does not show in Easy Appointments .... Wordpress Admin > Easy Appointnents > Appointments or Reports.  We would love some help as to what could be causing this. Right now, we are unable to rely on the requests showing via the Easy Appointments interface in Wordpress. 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Bernie, that sounds strange. Are you also getting admin email notification? Regarding admin appointments Page people often forget to alter time filter. There will be soon new Calendar widget for employees to manage own appointments. Best regards, Nikola
Bernie replied 4 years ago

See response below. Cheers!

Bernie answered 4 years ago
Hi Nikola, Thanks for your response. I also want to say thank you for a great plug-in. Aside from this technical issue it has really been working well for our non-profit group (www.parkoven.ca). Ours is a very simple setup. 1 location, 1 service and 1 worker.  If i go to Easy Appointments 》 Reports 》 Select a From and To range for this entire year ( leaving the columns for export as the default settings) I can see most of our received booking requests. We are currently up to ID 162. If I sort the exported CSV file by id, I see several examples of missing requests. id 141 - Missing. But I have the admin email for this request in my inbox. It is for July 29th. So, I also tried to look it up in the Appointments tab in Wordpress. I can find all the other requests around that date but just this one is missing. I am aware of a few other requests that just seem to have vanished. Any other thoughts? Thanks so much!