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Agnes asked 6 years ago
Hi Nicola!  I really like easy appointment. It is really great tool and make everyone life much more easier, but I have to ask some question about it. I have one 180 min service. The working hours is between 9-17. In customer side the booking is just possible in every 3 hour. So they can just book at time at 9.00, 12.00 , 15.00 (I dont really understand why it is  because the employee does not have 3 hours left). I would like to ask it is possible  that the customer could book an appointment in every time when the employee has 3 available hour? (Like 10.00 -13.00, 11.00-14.00 etc). Thank you so much for your help. Have a really nice day!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Agnes, that will be added soon. So you will be able to create such settings and allow users to book appointments that are not on exact duration of the service. Best regards, Nikola
maciej Staff replied 6 years ago


Have you got an ETA for that tweak? As i’m also really interested in it 😉