Support forumlink-feature-within-the-edit-window-doesnt-seem-to-work
Evan asked 7 years ago
Greetings, Nice plugin. It takes a bit to get set up & customized, but really, sleek, easy, and professional looking on the page. I have bee testing the different automated emails: confirmed, cancelation, etc. and put a custom message in on the cancellation email. I added a link that the customer can click on should they want to rebook...basically the website link. I used the add link icon and did all things as \\\'usual\\\'...but for some reason the link doe not work. It goes nowhere. Its just a normal weblink that works everywhere else. Any tips on how to solve this? Thanks in advance. If I can get solved with this, I\\\'ll pursue the extensions as well. Best Regards, Evan (new user)
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Evan, you can access the content of Email templates in raw HTML and change there anything that you want. For example to embed the image etc. Button icon is , it's on the right side of the editor toolbar. Best regards, Nikola