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Enzo BILLIS asked 5 years ago
Hi ! First, thank's for this plugin it's awesome. I try to read connection's docs but i didn't understood. I only have one worker, and 8 services. I want customer can book one of these service only if the worker is free (no other service book on the same time) Is it possible ? I created a connection for each service. But i can't create only one connection that contain all services. Thank's for your help !
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Enzo, you need for each service one connection. Also make sure that option called multiple work is uncheck inside EA Settings > Customize page. Best regards, Nikola
enzo_billis Staff replied 5 years ago

Connections are done. This is not the problem. The is :
Book have to be in accepted status to lock the slot. My book was only in confirmed status