It Is possible change the Duratione before confirm appointment?

Support forumIt Is possible change the Duratione before confirm appointment?
renata_piera_mazzoleni Staff asked 5 years ago
In the appontments i can change when an appontment start but not the duration. Customers can select only one slot... If i create different service the availability of time is per different calendar then 2 customers can select same star time based to different service but the worker is only one. And the calendar is not sync if i change on google calendar the start and the end, I paid for a 2way sync but is not working!!!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Renata, at the moment from customers form there can be only one time slot selection. Multiple selection will be added soon. Regarding Google Sync can you please tell me do you have any notification at top of Extension settings regarding Cron? Also have you added Advance sync options mapping (connection Google Calendar to direct combination of service-worker-location? Best regards, Nikola
renata_piera_mazzoleni Staff replied 5 years ago

I added the advance sync, tomorrow i’ll check the extensio settings on Cron.
Thanks for the moment.
Would even be good to have on appointments the possibility to set/change the time end before confirm and the duration, please evaluate the possibility on next version.