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mario_ruthmair Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi Nikola, in principle, the sync between EA and GC is working (we purchased the extension yesterday) but we have several issues where it is not clear whether it is a bug or wrong usage (we have the latest versions of both EA and the extension):
  • How do we have to create a new GC event so that all information is correctly synced to EA. Currently, we only manage to sync the email address. Name and other (custom) fields are not synced to EA.
  • If we add a GC event for a customer (by using his email address), he only gets the Google invitation, not the nicely formatted email confirmation (including the cancel link) as if he would book an appointment in the web form.
  • If modifying an already existing (and synced) appointment either in EA or in GC, e.g., by changing name or other details, the event is not synced and updated.
  • When deleting an appointment in EA, it is not deleted in GC.
Best regards,
Martina Süss and Mario Ruthmair
mario_ruthmair Staff replied 5 years ago

Dear Nikola,

any comments on our issues above?


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mario_ruthmair Staff answered 5 years ago
Dear Nikola, could you please comment on our issues above? Best regards,