Issue: 1 worker multiple location, 2 way sync

Support forumIssue: 1 worker multiple location, 2 way sync
jin_yu_tok Staff asked 6 years ago
hello~ I am facing an issue in 2-way syncing with google calendar. Here’s my setting on WP 1 Calendar 2 locations 1 worker I have created a Cron(?) Calendar Location Service Worker Actions Primary Any Consultation Consultant   Example: Worker blocks a-day-off on 1st Jan on google calendar. Thus on the appointment page, there shouldn’t be an opportunity for appointment to be booked on 1st Jan. My Situation: When location A is selected no time slot can be chosen. (which is correct) however when location B is selected all the time slots are available for selection. (How can it be rectified?/ time slot should be blocked) On another note: When a time slot is not available, how can I hide them visually? Thanks in advance! -
jin_yu_tok Staff replied 6 years ago

another question. I need to have a text field shown only when location B is selected how can i go about this? Thanks!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Jin, can you please tell me have you marked option called multiple work inside EA Settings > Customize page? That options should not be marked. Best regards, Nikola
jin_yu_tok Staff answered 6 years ago
  • Hi Nikola,

    Thanks for the tips. Thought I should share how I corrected my errors,
    by following the instructions you gave others too.

    1. Do not mark the option EA Settings > Customize page
    2. Disable cron on wp-config and set up new cron job on cpanel
    3. Define a default location
    4. In advance calendar sync, create the calendars for both places / "2 calendars" on
         wordpress to sync with the 1 google calendar you are using.
    5. When creating an event in google calendar, do not block the day by marking "all day".
        Select Specific hours and mark the user as "busy".
    6. Patience: Depending on your hosting and cron schedule, it takes  5 to 15 minutes(for me)
        to see google calendar's update reflected on my website.

  • p/s: it's important to have good hosting. Above are things that worked for me and hopefully helps whoever might be facing the same problem.

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Tok, thanks for the update :). I will see to fix that “all day” issue asap. Best regards, Nikola