Is there a way to edit connections in bulk?

Support forumCategory: QuestionsIs there a way to edit connections in bulk?
bestcashmere asked 6 years ago
I need to edit work hours for 6 workers. is there any way to do it quickly or do I need to edit all 300 connections one by one?   thanks
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi,   there are no way of bulk editing only adding. My suggestion will be do that inside database. It can be done with simple query for someone how knows how to write SQL.   Best regards, Nikola
mark_stockton answered 6 years ago
This was also a problem for us so I extended the plugin to allowing bulk editing in the UX, I would suggest adding the feature into a future release as if you have a lot of services and connections it takes too long to edit them one by one by an admin member