Support forumCategory: QuestionsIs possible register for a class , with more participants (and a max)?
Steen asked 7 months ago

I like the description of “Easy Appontments” (EA)
As an instructor I do have privat lessons, which I think will be well handled by EA product.
… I do have classes , where a maximum of 5 participants are possible. Will this be possible to setup in EA  ?
Gcal sync :

  1. Will full calendar view be configurable (hiding text – but only mark free/busy time slots)
  2. Will random entryies made in Gcal, also be visible in EA
  3. Will it be possible just to purphase the Gcal sync – I don’t need the other extented features


1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi, you can more than one slot. Each connection is one time slot. 5 Same connections 5 slots for that time.

Regarding GCal:

1. you can have custom Title content on those Events in Google Calendar
2. Yes they will sync back to EA. But you can map particular calendars to sync only from Google
3. It’s a bulk so you can use also other thing or not. It’s up to you. Price is the same

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