Is it possible to use location for different salons?

Support forumCategory: QuestionsIs it possible to use location for different salons?
Ani Shahbazyan asked 6 years ago
Hi there! I'm planning to use your plugin to my beauty salons booking website and I would like to know whether I can use it for multiple salons? Can I create many salons with their seperate stuff and schedule? And one more thing. I sthere an option that there will be a unique link for every stylist/location booking?
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bestcashmere answered 6 years ago
I  have a similar situation and similar question.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, there is no multiple salon support but you support that via separate connections for each location. After that you can create maybe a separate page for each location and set pre default value for it. Only down side is that admin part will be shared for all.   Best regards, Nikola