Support forumIs it possible to sync just the reseveration ID number to google along with or instead of the date.
markg asked 4 years ago

Kindly Nikola, when appointment is synced into Google Calendar (main view & description), EA places appointment date on top of Already Displayed Google calendar date.  Result is date on top of same date. Yes?
May I change sending date to sending only ID?    Would be extremely helpful.  We have many appointments daily to simply see ID would be much, easier to track on the main calendar view.  Thank you.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Markg,

inside Extension settings for Google Calendar you have option field called Event Subject. There just place this: #id# and save it.

Then you should see ID in Google Calendar.

Best regards,

markg replied 4 years ago

Thank you but I am having trouble finding Extension settings for Google Calendar. Is this in EA settings somewhere or in Google Calendar settings? I did find ‘Even Settings’ in the Google Calendar settings but did not see ‘Even Subject’ anywhere. Thank you very much.