Support forumCategory: QuestionsIs it possible to get integration with zoom video conferencing?
Mohamed asked 3 years ago

All our services are online conferences. Is it possible to integrate with a video conference service as (which we are using now), so that upon creation of appointment, API call to to create a meeting, and copy this meeting information into the confirmation email sent to the customer?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Mohamed, it can be done by using custom code for API call to zoom. Regarding having that inside Confirmed email I am not sure that is easy thing to do. But you can send additional email with such details.

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Mohamed replied 3 years ago

Thanks Nikola for your response. Can you please advise how I can embed the custom call API for zoom from within AE? Is there is an easy front end interface or do i need to code at the component level?

Mohamed replied 3 years ago

Hi Nikola, Can you please advise how we can perform this API integration with EA? All of our meetings are online, and this is more than helpfull to us…

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