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leifballfreunde Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi there,

if I choose an appointment and take a look at the appointment summary at the end of the form there is written "Invalid date" instead of the original date which was chosen.

It only happens on mobile versions (checked in Chrome and Safari)

Thanks a lot in advance.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
There are something weird going on there on mobile version. Do you have custom theme for mobile? Best regards, Nikola
leifballfreunde Staff replied 4 years ago

No, we are using the normale Pro-Theme and no customized theme for mobile.
Best regards

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Leif, there are some kind of JS optimisation working on site. Can you please turn that off and test again? Also refresh cache if you are using it.

Best regards,