Input fields are loaded with junk

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Michael Paulse asked 2 years ago
I get an error when loading ea.

All of my input fields are loaded with the same junk:

I do have Rank Math installed, but why the conflict?

The error comes from this script/line:
<script   type='text/javascript' id='ea-front-bootstrap-js-after'>
jQuery(document).on('ea-init:completed', function () { jQuery('.masked-field').inputmask(); });

The actual error is:
Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).inputmask is not a function
    jQuery 7
    setTimeout handler*init
    jQuery 2

Is it Rank Math or Short Pixel that is in conflict?
What do you suggest as the fix?
Thanks in advance.
michael_paulse replied 2 years ago

The junk that is loaded is in the json var ea_settings ={…} and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Rank Math has been removed from my site.

A default value in the form field overwrites the junk. (But now I have bad entry data.) How do I fix ea_settings?