Impossible to choose the options for the appointment

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Angel asked 3 years ago
When I try to choose: 1 Location, 2 Service, 3 Worker I only can choose location in the each option.. In the 2nd panel (service) appear location again, and in third panel the same. I'm getting crazy to solve it..

I set up differents services, locations and works, and I make the conections..

I don't know what more to do.. thanks in advance
camarens replied 3 years ago

Sorry for all the answers, but just noticed that If I change the active Theme, the problems are solved. How I can solve the problem and still with the theme?

2 Answers
camarens answered 3 years ago
camarens replied 3 years ago

This is the link to the example page with the Responsive 2 columns option

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, thanks for the link. First thing is that you have some kind of script that is altering select fields (fancy-select). It is altering html and making problems with selection. Can you please turn it off and try again? Best regards, Nikola