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james_stuart asked 1 week ago

Hi Nikola,
My goal is to sync with Outlook. I understand the connect version of the plugin does not do this, and I would rather not sync Google and Outlook to achieve this. According to this article (, under heading ‘Subscribe to Calendar’), this can be achieved through Outlook by providing a link to the ics file. 
What link would I provide? What is the location of the ics file?
Thanks for you help,

H replied 1 week ago

ICS e-mail attachments are also one of the options in his Connect add-on.

james_stuart replied 1 week ago

Right, but, as indicated in the link I included, I need a URL for that file to use Outlook’s sync feature. That’s why I asked what the location of the file is.

H replied 4 days ago

I don’t think this plug-in offers that. However, there is a workaround, because Google Calendar does offer it. You’d have to set up the plug-in for Google Calendar, and then, in Google Calendar settings, select the calendar view you want and you’ll see the public and secret ical URLs at the bottom of the page.

james_stuart replied 3 days ago

Yes, that is ultimately what I am trying out now. I haven’t finished getting everything synced up, but I do expect it will work. I’ll leave another comment when it’s all done as to whether or not it worked.