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j.c._de_vlaming Staff asked 6 years ago
Hey, upon submitting (when iCalander is activated) the app crashes after sending a appointment request. The admin e-mail gets delivered, but not the client one (which should have the iCalander-attachement). While crashing it also stops the sequence of alerting the user in case of a duplicate appointment, and redirecting to the follow-up page. The only information I could get was an error in the browser log: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) at /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?id=14&check=f05f33b3f0& ...rest of form data... &description=Test&action=ea_final_appointment:1" I have the latest version of EA installed [2.3.1], with WP version [4.9.6]   Hopefully you have enough information. If not, feel free to ask :D Regards,
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, looks like you don't have temp file location in your settings. Can you please check if there is log record inside errors.log file on your hosting? Best regards, Nikola
j.c._de_vlaming Staff answered 6 years ago
Unfortunately there is no 'errors.log' file anywhere to be found. I double checked the read&write permission of the temp folder(s), and even defined one in the config.php. But nothing seems to solve the problem. Something that doesn't make sence though is that I use the same email & name for testing. Eventhough I set the appointment-limit to 1, there is no message saying I cannot make another appointment (not even serverside, since the admin still gets his e-mail notification of a new appointment). Anyways, I tried to dig a little deeper into the error, and I could find the location (clientside only unfortunatly) where the script failed, which is in the 'fail' part of the 'jQuery.get' call (in the 'finalComformation' function).
on line 843 there is 'alert(response.responseJSON.message);' where the 'responseJSON' parameter is 'undefined'. So the '.message' acces fails (obviously). Hopefully this is at least some usefull information?  
j.c._de_vlaming Staff replied 6 years ago

What I was thinking, is it possible to attach the file with the e-mail test tool? That way maybe we can see something in the error log display underneath the test info?

j.c._de_vlaming Staff answered 6 years ago
Hey, Any update on this problem?
Could you find the exact cause, or do you need more information? I would love to hear an update! Thanks in advance.
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, can you please check time zone settings on your site? There you will need to select named time zone for example Europe>Germany instead of like UTC+1

Best regards,

j.c._de_vlaming Staff answered 6 years ago
Hey, I just tested it with both a custom offset, and a preset country-city value. Both didn't work, but this time something else is going on. I am currently on EA version 2.3.3 , and it seems like there is a problem with saving the settings.
As I currently have the ICalender option disabled, though even when enabling this option, nothing will be send (to either a customer, or the admin/worker).
Seemingly random a popup appears upon loading the EA-settings, saying "Unable to load strings due to a server error.".
My guese would be that this problem prevents me from testing at all, as its somehow not updating the server settings correctly? Hopefully there is an easy fix for this, if you need any information let me know. Regards,
j.c._de_vlaming Staff replied 6 years ago

It seems like the saving-bug is fixed, and i can confirm the issue with ICalender is fixed.

Thanks for the help!