Support forumCategory: BugsI purchased the extension and I have a problem (a bug??) with Google Calendar
RobinD asked 5 months ago

I have time blocks which are 2 hours. All events are sent to the Google Calendar, except the time block that starts at 10pm and ends at midnight. Both times have the same date so I think this could be a bug. Because the end time is at midnight, the end date should be one day later.

This is what I see in the plugin’s appointments:
01-09-2022 – 22:00
01-09-2022 – 00:00
As you see, the end date is earlier than the start date because the second date should be 02-09-2022 – 00:00

1 Answers
RobinD answered 5 months ago

Let me try to describe it differently: how do you setup a connection with the time range from 11pm in the evening until 2 am in the morning? The warning message: Start time must be before end time and End time must be after start time. How can I set this up? I think this is where the issue is coming from. All bookings go into the Google calendar, except the booknigs that go overnight. Hope anyone can help with this.