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David Cox asked 4 years ago
Hello Nikola  Continuing on from the PayPal resolution messages. I am disappointed by the level of support with the extension plugin. I cannot access the support forum on the email I believe is registered. I have attempted to reset the password but receive no email to do this. I have attempted to register with a different email address and again no reset password email has been received.  I requested a refund via PayPal message yesterday because without being able to access further support the plugin is of no use to me as it isn’t showing any buttons in the front end when the plugin extension is installed.  I can use a different plugin to accept payments, it isn’t ideal as it is obviously separate to the booking plugin hence why I purchased the extension. I didn’t receive the extension plugin via email on purchasing it, I cannot access the support forum and feel disappointed by your support with this. If you cannot assist me with this I request you refund me in full for the extension plugin and I just revert back to using a different PayPal plugin to accept payment. I had anticipated the extension plugin would be an easy install and there wouldn’t be a need for all this hassle. Surely we both want the same outcome, for you to have a successful sale and for me to have a plugin that works correctly. 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, did you get any new email with username/password? Best regards, Nikola