How to manually confirm the booking through WooCommerce

Support forumHow to manually confirm the booking through WooCommerce
nadeem_shareef Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi, We are using WooCommerce and currently if a payment is made successfully through PayPal or Stripe, the EA booking confirmation email is being sent automatically.  Is there a way we can confirm the booking manually - means after the payment is received, we want to verify this manually and then confirm the booking.  Currently when the payment is received in Woocommerce as 'Processing' status, the booking confirmation email from EA is going out automatically.  Need your assistance on this please
nadeem_shareef Staff replied 4 years ago

The first email that goes to the visitor when they click the submit button – this email says ‘Pending confirmation’ and this is fine. We want to stop the second email that is going automatic from EA about the confirmation. We want to do this manually after verifying everything. Appreciate your assistance on this thanks in advance

Shareef790 Staff replied 4 years ago

Any response please!