Support forumCategory: QuestionsHow to disable multiple booking on the same date and time for employee
atdhe asked 7 months ago

Hello there,
First off, I know that many people ask this question but I still cant seem to find an adequate solution.
Here is what I need to setup:
I have 1 employee, 1 location and 1 service
The service will be offered at 1pm, 5pm and 9pm
a service can only be booked by 1 person at a certain time, so you can only have 1 booking at 1pm, only 1 at 5pm and the same for 9pm on any given day.
So my services is set for a duration and slot step of 240 minutes, client wants 4 hour slots and the daily limit is not set to anything,
the connection is that 1 employee & service & location is available from 1pm till 11pm at night and the slot is set to 1 here.
and the busy slots are calculated by worker, service and location in the settings page.
But it still allows for a service to be booked twice at the same date and time, how do I prevent this so that only 1 appointment is available at a time, so 1pm accepts only 1 appointment and 5pm only 1 appointment and the same for the 9pm slot.
Clearly I must be doing something wrong but please guide me in the right direction to setting this up.

meryl_lundholm replied 6 months ago

Did you ever get an answer? I am having the same problem.

atdhe replied 6 months ago

Unfortunately not, I had to change plugins since clients do not want to wait forever. Let me know though if you ever figure it out.

meryl_lundholm replied 6 months ago

Thank you for the info that you had to use another plug in. I hope I don’t have to do that, but this is getting frustrating.