How to delete required fields?

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b aleks asked 3 years ago
Hi dear friends, I'm trying to setup a online booking website for my barber, unfortunately I can not remove the required fields? 
Is there any way I can remove them. I need only "Name" & "Phone Number" fields on the booking information input. 

I found out reading on the forum that the required field email is what is unique to every user. Can i change this field to Phone number so each user is "checked" if its new or already in the database with the phone number? I dont really need to collect any data, we just need to make a functionable calendar that people can book an appointment at a certain date and time. Also the timezone thing, can it be removed? Thanks. I've asked couple of questions at once, sorry about that... 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Aleks, you have option to delete those custom fields if you want. There is option when you open custom field to do that. best regards, Nikola