How does the blocking time works?

Support forumCategory: BugsHow does the blocking time works? asked 2 years ago
Hello! I need to block last minute reservation, o more, for example 90 minutes before, but doesnt work. I have slots with 30 minutes, and if i configure block time before 90 minutes, nothing happens. Thanks a lot! replied 2 years ago

Nobody knows anything?

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Nobody knows anything?
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, you need to do that on service level. Block time is there in cases when you need to go from that client to next one or for example to cleanup the shop etc. For example you need time to get to next client you can use block after so when you finish that slot you have time to make it to next one etc. Best regards, Nikola replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your answer! But… i don’t understand that it works on service level. For example, if i have a service with a 15 minutes duration, slot step 15 minutes too, and i need to block 30 before the next free slot, what value i need to configure in block before & block after? For example, if the next free slot is on 12:00, it is avalaible to reserve until 11:30.
Thanks!! replied 2 years ago

I need some help about this… please…