How can I make canceled appointments to not appear on full calendar?

Support forumCategory: QuestionsHow can I make canceled appointments to not appear on full calendar?
Ioannis baladimas asked 1 year ago
Hello, I'm Having an issue where the cancelled appointments appear on the full calendar view. I would like that to not happen as it is confusing for my users.

Is there a way to do that or at least indicate that an appointment is cancelled on the Full calendar view?
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Ioannis, we can add option to hide those in fullcalendar shortcode. Best regards, Nikola
gerardo_rojas replied 1 year ago

How do I do this in the shortcode?

Barrek replied 12 months ago

I'm wondering this too, is it possible to add a shortcode for hiding canceled appointments in FullCalendar?

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 12 months ago
@Gerardo, @Barrek this will be added in next version of EasyAppointments. Best regards, Nikola
Barrek replied 12 months ago

Great! Thanks a lot!

Barrek replied 12 months ago

For those wondering about this and finding this question: It was added in the release today 3rd of may 2023:
“Added new param for FullCalendar to hide cancelled events from being displayed in calendar (hide_cancelled=”0 or 1″ default 0)”

Barrek replied 9 months ago

I have been trying to use this shortcode on my FullCalendar, but it hides all the bookings, even those that aren’t canceled, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I write as following:

[ea_full_calendar location="1"

Everything else seems to be working fine, but not the hide_cancelled.
Maybe I’m making a beginner mistake, I hope you can help me 🙂