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Ben asked 3 years ago
Hello everyone, My website's default theme's color is dark, so all new pages have this background. So, after I added the shortcode [ea_bootstrap] to a new page, all seems to be fine except the text cannot be read/seen as it is black text by default:  I believe this can be fixed using the styling field in the settings menu. However, I am not familiar with CSS and what I found online and tried has not worked.  I will appreciate any help in order to basically change the text and button color so they can be seen normally. Thank you  Ben
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Ben, it's hard to put styles without access to that page but I will give it a try. Try adding this to custom styles in EA Settings > Customize page: .control-label { color: white!important; } Best regards, Nikola