Gravity Forms (even just activated it) kills left/right Calendar Arrows

Support forumGravity Forms (even just activated it) kills left/right Calendar Arrows
pkopalek Staff asked 7 years ago
Has anyone else experienced using Easy Appointments and Gravity Forms on the same website?

Just activating Gravity Forms without even using them - seems to kill the 'arrows' on the top right/left of the calendar widget. Simply going into Gravity Forms and 'disabling' the plugin fixes the issue immediately. The only thing that I can determine that might be causing the issue is that they both seem to make references to ui-datepicker (which seems to be where the arrow icons are supposed to be) but I can't seem to nail it down. I know this is broken for other reasons (bad mobile formatting) but this is (with red circles) where the arrows disappear.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, it's styles issue. If you can provide me a link to that page I will be able to find what is making problem there and provide a custom styles to fix that. Best regards, Nikola